Zamak hot chamber die-casting machines - mould’s thermoregulators


We have technologically advanced equipments


PressFinMetal Baglioni currently owns hot chamber die-casting machines:


Idra and Colosio, ranges from 150/180/200/250 to 320 tons clamping force, complete with thermoregulators for moulds, and robot for automatic-work.


PressFinMetal Baglioni is prepared to accept any challenge as regards the die-casting of articles in zinc-alloys even in sectors others than those served until now, taking advantage from the long experience that the owners put at disposal of potential new customers from the moment of the project and design of each new article, and then throught all the further steps, from the first mould-test to the final obtaining of the customer's technical office approval.


Presse parco macchine

A view of the interior of the plant


320 tons pressa

Colosio die-casting machine 320 tons  


Colosio die-casting machine 320 tons: process


250 tons pressa

Colosio die-casting machine 250 tons: process